Eiv Secure System Login

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Eiv Secure System Login

Posted by Braley Adelisa on Friday, 14 February, 2020 16:35:07

Access the Enterprise Income Verification System (EIV) to verify residents' income. and contract administrator must have a Secure Systems Coordinator who can retrieve user ids for system users within their organizations and who can assign specific roles and specific properties to those users.

EIV. The EIV system is a web-based application which provides owners with employment, wage, unemployment compensation, and Social Security benefit information for tenants participating in HUD's assisted housing programs.

In order to gain access to the Enterprise Income Verification (EIV) System, you must apply for such access. If you would like to apply for EIV Coordinator access authorization rights, you must complete the Coordinator Access Authorization Form (CAAF). Coordinator applicants may submit the form to HUD's Multifamily Helpdesk by Faxing the form to 202-401-7984 or converting the form to PDF, GIF

If you are a HUD user, your password is the same password you use to login to your computer and other secure systems. If you forgot this password, you will need to contact the HITS National Help Desk at 1-202-708-3300 or 1-888-297-8689.

HUD created these Rules of Behavior for the EIV system. This document was created to ensure that EIV system users comply with HUD security policies. In addition, this document ensures that system accounts remain secure and are used in the appropriate manner. HUD may grant limited system access to Coordinators who have a need to utilize the HUD

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