Lol Login Issues

League of Legends login issue. Riot doesn't care at all

Lol Login Issues

Posted by Briant Alix on Thursday, 6 February, 2020 17:33:06

PBE login issues . PBE login issues. ZedZell (EUW) submitted in Technical Support. hi i recently created a PBE account, but i cant login, im sure my username and password is right, i have tried to reset my username and password, but i dont get any emails, is this only me?

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Login issues . Login issues. UnseenPredator X (OCE) submitted in Help & Support (OCE) Havent been able to login all day, it just says "We could not connect you to the server, check your internet setting or VPN connection" No I am not using a VPN

Gamers may experience League of Legends login issues, connection error, not being able to download the game or updates that are available. And if these do occur then this is where all Mac and PC gamers can visit to read or report any problem. Maintenance updates can bring the game to a halt, rare but happens.

Got two different permanent emote unlocks in chests, neither have shown up in my inventory.

Ever since this problem started to occur it was always me who suffered from it. All of my pals were on league, playing and having fun while i was just not able to play since the login screen was stuck at "authenticating" It just happened on the EUW servers since i was able to log onto my other accounts on differet servers like NA and EUNE.